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Company Introduction


MHBTechnology was previously known as Dimensi Pertiwi Sdn.Bhb. which was founded in September 2007  . We specialize in I.C.T. in Network Technologies such as Network Design, Deployment, Network/IT Consultations for SMEs, Data Centre Management, Satellite, MPLS and website developments. MHB Technology Sdn.Bhd. always striving to give the best to its clients. In 2009 we are Celcom authorize partner for many of Celcom product such as Celcom Leased Line and Celcom MPLS product. Beside that we already deploy many of Celcom products to banks and GLC.

Beside price that will be main criteria forl owering the operation cost for most of the company, we never take for granted the security issue and bandwidth. Some of the product and solution that we carry or deploy will bares our solution and not just to lower down our client I.C.T. investment. We also a distributor and reseller for TM Bhd. products such as TM Direct, TM Streamyx, TM MPLS, TM Leased Line and TM IP-Value. TM Bhd. authorize us for billing direct to the customer that takes TM Bhd. product or solution via MHB Technology Sdn.Bhd.

Hardware that we use is depending on the solution and needs of the customer, some client may have to use more than one brands of equipment in their solution. This is because some solution doesn’t come in one brand only and also to lowering down our client investment without compromise the main factor of our clients need. That’s why we carry many brands of hardware to comply with the need sofcuttingedgeinI.C.T.

What is the technology without the hardware that makes it works. That’s why we are the authorized vendor for some of the world brands I.C.T. products  such as 3COM, HP, ACER, ASUS, D-Link, Allied Telesis, Huawei, CISCO and Compaq. This equipment can be leased and sell direct to the customer and base on their financial requirement.

‘The best will always beat the rest’


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